5 Strategies To Spread Your Blog Content

5 Strategies To Spread Your Blog Content


1. Don’t fall prey to couch potato content.

Can you guess what couch potato content is?  It’s content that sits — on your blog, on your Youtube channel, etc. — and, well, just continues to sit there, doing nothing.  This is one of the BIGGEST mistakes I see bloggers and budding entrepreneurs make, they don’t put their content to work!

Instead of letting it just sit there gathering cyber-dust, send it out & share it.  Be proactive (not pushy).  Pass it along via email to your students, send it to fellow professionals in your industry or complementary ones, share it on your Facebook Page and Twitter feed, or simply talk about it to people and invite them to visit your site and read it.

Do something (anything!) to get it out there in front of more eyes!  You’ll be doing yourself, and your soon-to-be thriving community a big favor.


2. Leverage your content.

Every piece of great content that you create should be squeezed for as much juice as you can get from it.

What does that mean?  It means that you should use and reuse (and reuse) every piece of content that you create, ’cause let’s face it, content creation, though fun and creative, can also be extremely draining and time consuming.

So, instead of developing unique content for your blog, newsletter, next Youtube vid, and webinar, allow the same teaching to inspire it all.

I’ve, personally, done this numerous times, and not only does it save you a lot of leg work (yippee!), it also allows your teaching of the topic to deepen and develop.  And, by the time you’re done re-churning your content, you may realize that you, too, have a much better understanding of what you were sharing in the first place.

Needless to say, leveraging your content saves you time and energy, makes the same amount of content go much, much further, and also gives people more “doorways” in to learning from you since some people enjoy reading, others watching, others listening.

A simple way to get started with this method is my 3-prong approach — (1) write a blog post, (2) send it out via a newsletter service (like Mailchimp, which is FREE!), and (3) post a link to it on your Facebook Page or Twitter account.  Rinse and repeat!


3. Schedule it in advance.

If one of the things that holds you back from sharing and spreading your content on a regular basis is that posting on social media takes so much darn time, I hear ya.

Facebook and Twitter can be a major time suck as we try to schedule in time every single day (several times a day, mind you) to post relevant, interesting and witty info to our social accounts.

Instead of letting social media control you, take back the reigns and sign-up for a FREE sites like Hootsuite.com or Bufferapp.com.  Both these platforms are user-friendly and let you schedule social posts in advance so you don’t have to constantly worry about sharing timely info.

So, what should you share?  Links to your past (totally awesome!) content of course!  Think published blog posts, Youtube videos, webinars that you hosted, or any other piece of great content that deserves to be shared again.


4. Ask people to share it.

One of the simplest ways to grow your community is to ask people to share your content.  Simply put, when you send out your newsletter or share a link to your latest online teaching, ask your current community to share it with 1 or 2 people that they think would benefit from the info, too.

Remember, people like sharing stuff that they enjoy and find valuable — which is why Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. are in business, right?!  So, you needn’t feel “pushy” by suggesting that they share.  Sometimes a simple reminder to pass along your great content is all that your community will need to become brand ambassadors for you.


5. Share your content on other people’s sites.

This is a goodie 🙂

Guest posting is one of my absolute favorite ways to invite new people to join my teachYOURbliss community.

Now, keep in mind, most sites that accept guest posts will want original content, but a little extra leg worth is well worth it in this case.

When you write a guest post, you expose yourself to someone else’s audience that they’ve taken the time to curate and build.  And, if their readers like what you have to say (and you’ve included a clear link to sign-up for your email list in your guest author bio), you’ll have a flood of new, excited community members buzzing over to join you.

Not sure who to guest post for?  The most important factor to consider is where your ideal clients are hanging out.  What blogs do they read?  What newsletters are they signed-up for?  What sites do they frequent?

Once you have a sense of where new, soon-to-be community members are spending their time, submit a pitch for a guest post.  Again, keep in mind that particular blog’s audience — it’s often a good idea to read some of their current content to get a sense of their content structure, style and voice.

When your pitch gets the go-ahead, whip up a fabulous, teachable piece of content that you know will add value to your (potential) ideal clients’ lives, and (this bears repeating!) always include a call-to-action in your author bio that invites interested readers to join your community!


Susanne Rector is a solo-entrepreneur and the blogger behind SuKiMaR.
She shares her entrepreneurial advice at www.teachYOURbliss.com, and is passionate about helping savvy yogis and budding entrepreneurs
expand their reach and grow their businesses….

Susanne Rector

Originally from Germany, Susanne has settled into the California lifestyle, living with 2 daughters in a suburb of Los Angeles. She spends her time marketing and designing for small companies and empowering solo-preneurs on their journey.

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