7 main promotional events recommended you use to FILL your paid programs

7 main promotional events recommended you use to FILL your paid programs


( like workshop, retreats)

#1 Speaking Engagements

A Speaking Engagement is when you take an opportunity to get in front of a group of people someone else has gathered. The group would be chock full (or as close as possible) to your specific audience just right for your programs. Here are some examples of places you might get Speaking Engagements:

· Membership groups

· Networking functions

· Other people’s small & large events

· Chamber of Commerce

· Business groups

· MeetUp Groups

· Educational cruises

· Universities

· Board meetings

· Community functions

#2 Live Self Hosted Introductory Workshops

Live Self Hosted Introductory Workshops are when you arrange an opportunity to get in front of a room full of your specific audience for your program, and where you do the work to gather them. Unlike Speaking Engagements where someone else does the work, at a Live Self Hosted Introductory Workshop you are responsible for:

· Booking the space

· Gathering the group

· Running the event

#3 Webinars

A Webinar is a seminar conducted over the internet. People watch a visual presentation on their computers, often prepared in PowerPoint format, and may watch online or listen by telephone. Webinars allow people to participate in your promotional event from anywhere in the world they can access the internet!

#4 – Teleclasses

A Teleclass is a live interactive workshop conducted over the telephone, just like a conference call. It’s similar to a webinar, without the visual component. Participants may need to call long distance to participate, although many services now support online streaming or Skype access to allow more people to participate.

#5 – Video Series

A Video Series is an education based series of online videos that get sent out to the specific audience for your program. These videos educate your audience, while simultaneously positioning your product, program or service as the only logical next step.

#6 – Livecasts

Also known as a live webcast, or live stream, a livecast is a video broadcast that is sent out live over the internet. A livecast allows your audience to watch you present from your office, usually using a webcam, in real time. Unlike a webinar, there are usually no slides, although a livecast can include a real-time sharing of your computer screen over the internet.

#7 – Strategy Sessions

A Strategy Session is a highly focused meeting, usually held one-on-one where you’ll come up with a specific strategy or approach to achieve a particular goal. Of course, the people who come to your strategy session will be potential clients that you’d love to work with on an ongoing basis. During your Strategy Session, in addition to providing enormous value, you’ll also position your product, program or service as the next logical step for your potential client in getting their problem solved.


Each of these 7 promotional events must appear in your event filling marketing timeline.


Here’s How to FILL Each Of Your Promotional Events!

Now that you know the 7 promotional events you’ll use to fill your paid programs, the next question becomes…

How will I get people IN to those promotional events so that they can be extremely lucrative for me?

There are 5 key ways to promote in to those 7 promotional events, as follows:

#1 – Email

Email is a great method of exchanging digital messages from you to a LOT of different recipients at a single time. There is incredible leverage in being able to broadcast a message about your upcoming promotional event to many people at the same time. You’ll use one or more well-crafted emails to get folks interested in attending one of your 7 promotional events.

There are 3 different kinds of emails we recommend you use and schedule in your marketing timeline.

· Joint Venture emails – emails your JV partners will send to their lists of people.

· Affiliate emails – emails the people who love you will send out to their circle on your behalf. Your affiliates can be friends, family, current or past clients, or acquaintances.  The major difference between a Joint Venture and an Affiliate is that a JV has access to a large number of people in your specific audience, while an affiliate might only know a few people.

· Emails to Your list – emails you send to people already on your subscriber list inviting them to participate in one of your 7 promotional events.

#2 – Social Media

Social Media means spreading the word to your fans, friends and followers through the various online social networking platforms including your personal Facebook account, your Facebook business page, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other networks you may be a part of.

#3 – Online Ads

Online Ads can be an incredibly effective, low cost way to let people know about your promotional events. You can advertise online using Facebook ads, banners in online magazines, Pay-Per-Click ads with Google or other search engines, and online newsletters.

#4 – Affiliate Tickets

Affiliate Tickets are physical tickets you’ll distribute to your affiliates to hand out to the people they know that would benefit from the information you’ll be sharing. We use (and strongly recommend) Ticketmaster tickets because they are low cost and have a high-perceived value in North American culture.

#5 – Offline Ads

Offline Ads are paid & free ads that you’ll place in newspapers, magazines, free presses, bulletin boards, etc. These ads can be used to promote both online AND offline promotional events… although in my experience, it’s best to promote offline events with offline ads.

So, those are the 5 marketing tactics you’ll use to fill the 7 promotional events that will ultimately fill your paid programs. Do keep in mind that most of the 12 activities have sub-activities associated with them. For example, you’ll need to note WHEN to send out your tickets to your affiliates. You’ll also need to know how to format the tickets, when to order them, when you’ll mail them and when you’ll follow up to make sure that your affiliates receive them.

Susanne Rector

Originally from Germany, Susanne has settled into the California lifestyle, living with 2 daughters in a suburb of Los Angeles. She spends her time marketing and designing for small companies and empowering solo-preneurs on their journey.

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