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Hi, my name is Susanne Rector.

I was born in Germany, came to the USA many years ago and worked in publishing and designing longer than I care to admit.
I’m a total tech geek, I might have fallen in love with a computer in 8th grade, I definitly speak more computer languages then human languages, I love to knit, as it plays to my love for patterns, I love to practice yoga, I’m a crazy cat lady with 2 teenage daughters – need I say more?

However, you might want to know some of this:

I worked for various Fashion magazines in Germany, Australia and the US as a Graphic DesignerArt Director and Creative Director.

I published Fashion as well as other niche publication magazines

I’ve been working in the Corporate Marketing Business for many years, consulting on small and medium size companies.

I love video, I’ve used to edit a show for a local cable channel. Now I produce How-To and Explainer videos as well as Interviews for my clients.

I've had the pleasure of working with Susanne for the past 10 years at Animation Magazine. She's extremely detail-oriented, organized, efficient and a pleasure to work with. Susanne is a one-woman department and does a great job of designing and producing our magazine under extremely tight deadlines and demanding conditions. She has a strong work ethic and will work around the clock to deliver the goods.

Ramin Zahed

Susanne is talented, creative, hard working and dedicated. She finds a solution for any problem, works quickly, and stays ahead of the game by educating herself on new technologies. I have enjoyed working with Susanne for over 10 years.

Sheri Shelton -

Susanne is a great team-player and a delight to work with. She brings her production experience to the studio and understands how to execute video practices. As any marketer knows, there is a fine line between catchy phrases and brand identity and she finds this balance to the tea. She has innovative concepts in marketing strategy and I highly value her input and expertise.

Jessica Wise -

Branding You

My Offering To You

Now that I told you about me, I’d love it if you check out my Branding You™ Offerings.

I’ve designed this process entirely with the solo-preneur in mind.
The I’ll do it, even if it kills me type, the I’m a one-woman-show type, the badass boss lady type. The YOU type! YES, I developed this for YOU, lovely lady. And OK, if you’re a lovely dude, you are also welcome here, not gender specific. But I want to be clear: this is done with the intend to empower you to be YOU! Not anybody else, just your authentic YOU!

But, you say, what does that mean?
It means that I have build this step-by-step process to help you find clarity on your style, enhance your message, bring your content into stream-line clarity, and come out of the process with a great looking site that works well and can take on all kinds of growth from here.

Because, empowered, you shall grow!

And I’m here to help you in that process – if you need to have your hand held throughout, no worries. I can do that! If you are stuck and don’t know where to go next, I can guide you!

Bring your dream into reality. Just start. NOW!

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