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[How to Create A Great Looking Website]

I’m glad you made it here – because this is where I have put a little, hidden jewel for you.

Please accept my Free Offering to help you along on your journey to a beautiful website, which represents you, your brand, your values and your esthetics.

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Find Your Hidden Gem

Here is a selection of free stuff from 3rd Parties to download,
as well as links to some of my favorite things – I hope you enjoy the selection.

Everything you see here is just meant to help you with one task or another to help you on your solo-preneurial journey. Just because you are one person doesn’t mean you have to do everything alone.
There is help out there! Use it! Ask for it! You are worth it and you deserve to be successful!


Create a Gif from any video source – to embed into an email, post on Social Media or add to your website

View website on different screen size (for marketing screen shots)
Images and video – FREE

Create images for your website or Social Media for Free or Cheap


Can’t find the PERFECT name for your solo=preneur domain? Try this: a free domain name idea generator – how much awesomeness is that?


Ready for some yummy Business Cards? Look no further then Moo with their LUXE Business Cardes – yes, they are a little more expensive, but oh so yummy.

To make a statement, try the LUXE stripe to match your Brand with the Square Shape design

moo business cards LUXE


Here is another option for Square Business Cards – or any other shape you may yearn for – in a less expensive, but also more limited option

GotPrint Square Business Cards

FREE DIVI LAYOUTS to help you get to your dream website even quicker

Personalize the Divi Person Module

Split Screen Layout kit resource

Article Layout and Customizer Settings

Easily style your footer for more elegance

Add optional features to your layouts with our breaking into sweat

Tired of the way your blog posts display? Why not try an easy fix?

Need better Social Media integration in your blog posts?

Setup Social Media follows

Yoga Retreat? Workshops? Travel?

Whatever you want to showcase, it needs to look good!

Here are some easy ways to display your pictures elegant and in style – and as always, with ease!

Want to freshen up your home page design the easy way?

Start here:

Lead Generation – it’s a buzzword in marketing – but..what is it really?

And how can YOU get one the easy way!

Get a great landing page – free layout resources

YES, I said FREE stuff to DOWNLOAD - so here it is!

Download the Free Guide to Marketing Speech – and never be stuck in the ‘What the heck does that even mean’ mode! (Direct Download – you don’t even have to give me your email =D ’cause you actually made it HERE, YEAH!)

Marketing Terms Glossary

Stuck on writing the perfect copy for your home page – fret no longer. Here is a guide and workbook to help you find the right words:

Write Great Copy For Your Home Page

Still not sure about the right words? Try these:

Find Your Business’ Core Values

Find Your Solo-Preneur Brand Words

And of course it REALLY helpful when you are totally clear on who you are trying to reach with your service or product, so here is a helpful guide to finding your ideal customer:

Finding Your Perfect Customer

Worried about what colors and images to choose to get the right feeling for your site? Yes, I have a guide for you:

Find Your Brand’s Look And Feel

And now that you know what you want the look to be, let’s create some cool graphics to go along with that – preferably for free or super cheap!

Create Graphics Without Spending Big Money

Look for more goodies to come in the future =D

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