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How do I know if Branding You™ is for me?

Banding You™ Done-for-You bundles are for you if:
Your current site (or lack there of) does not reflect the real you or your beautiful business.
The world of WordPress overwhelms you and you can’t seem to consistently make it do what you want.
You don’t have the TIME (or desire) to figure out how to get a really really good-looking site.

The Branding You™ DIY is for you if:
You are a one-woman/man show and like to do it yourself
You have some web experience but are not sure if you can handle a whole site setup alone
You want to learn more about setting up a WP site and have full control of the backend

Why are the SquareSpace Bundles so much less expensive then the WordPress Bundles?

Banding You™ SquareSpace Bundles are already ‘setup’ so to speak, that means the backend  or bare bone structure of the site is already there. I just add functionality and pizzaz to it and make it work for you. SquareSpace includes templates for free, so there is also no added theme expense. The SquareSpace environment is secure and you don’t need to worry about backup or other site maintenance.

Branding You™ WordPress Bundles are like a blank piece of paper, there is nothing there, not even lines to write straight. First the WordPress structure needs to be setup. Once that’s done, I install your desired theme and then create custom layouts and functionality for your site.  In addition I install helpful plugins that enhance the functionality of your site to your specific need.

How do I know if I should choose a SquareSpace or a WordPress Bundle?

Banding You™ SquareSpace Bundles are for you, if:
You don’t want to learn (or pay someone) how to maintain your site – this includes (but is not limited to) security of your site, backup of your site, site speed.

Branding You™ WordPress Bundles are for you, id:
You are planning on expanding your site in the future
You know a little bit about backend maintenance or like to learn how to maintain your site
You like to have total control over design and performance of your site

Do I have to have a website already?

Nope! The Branding You™ process is perfect for those who are starting from the ground up and also for those who already have a site that needs a total overhaul.

Who owns the site after it goes live? Can I make updates on my own?

You do! And YES! The site is 100% yours and you will have full freedom to update and tweak as you wish after it’s complete. If you need additional support, I also offer training sessions, as well as maintenance contracts, so you don’t have to do it yourself.

Do you provide me with a logo, text for my pages and image?


Going through the Branding You™ process, you will find ideas and examples for content. However, at the end, you provide all the content for your site and either you (in the DIY course) or I put it all together for you. You provide the text and image you’d like to use. Check on the resource page for DIY graphic and tutorial suggestions.

If you need some additional support I have great contacts for professional copywriters and designers.

I want to be very clear and transparent here: I will not troll other peoples website to harvest their content to use as yours! I will not do google searches to find images that are appropriate for your content!
It is your responsibility to create or find the content and the images needed to fill your web pages.
Anything I receive from you is added to your site in the understanding that the content and images are either your original content or you have permission to use it. Please make sure you inform yourself about copyright clauses as it pertains to the internet. Here is a link to the general copyright laws in the US. I will not be responsible if you infringe upon the copyright laws of your state.

How will I know what I need?

The truth is, some Branding You™ clients will know exactly what the want/need and others are not so sure. If you’re unclear on what you need, start with the basic site and go from there. Your site can grow with you as your business grows. I’ll also always give my recommendations for tweaks and necessary components to include in your site. However, the Branding You ™ process is designed to lead you gently through the process of creating all the content you need.

Help! I'm overwhelmed with all the theme options, can you help?

YES! Schedule a strategy session and we can chat about what you’re looking for. However, I have some great Themes that I will suggest to you and discuss pro’s and con’s of them.

Okay, all that fancy tech-language confuses me. I just need a site. I'm overwhelmed by everything you listed and wonder do I really need it?

You’re not alone, if this is all new to you, it can be super overwhelming. Good thing for you I LOVE THIS STUFF. So yes, the Branding You™ process includes what I feel is necessary for a site. And I’ll hold your hand through the whole process and make sure you have everything you need moving forward to understand how your site works.

Is this for WordPress .com or .org?

The Branding you™ WP Bundles are available for sites – which means it’s on your own domain, not on the blog site. Don’t worry though, if you need help transferring your .com WordPress site, I can take care of the switch for you. Let’s chat to discuss which platform will be best for you.

The Branding You™ SquareSpace Bundles are hosted through SquareSpace, which means a lot of backend maintenance is taken care of for you. That includes backups of the site, help if your site is down, and other perks. Contact me to learn more and find out what choice is the perfect solution for you.
But don’t worry, if at any time you change your mind, SquareSpace sites are transferable to a site.

Do you also do SEO stuff?

The Branding You™ bundles have several a la carte add-ons and I’d love to set it up for you. I use a plugin called Yoast SEO and make your site search engine friendly and even set you up to be able to easily manage and tweak it moving forward.

What is included in the basic Branding You™ package?

Planning Questionnaire
Installation of New Premium Theme
Theme Settings Customized
Colors Customized
Custom Navigation Menu
5 Basic Pages, 3 Blog Posts
Logo/Header Added to Site
Custom Favicon
WordPress Admin Settings Configured
Custom Sidebar & Footer
Social Media Integration & Custom Icons
Recommended Plugins Package — Including spam moderation, security, contact form, social sharing & easy comments.
Mobile Responsive
2 Basic Formatting Revisions
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
2-Week Delivery After All Content is Received

Is the a money back guarantee?

Yes, if you are not happy with your site, before the site goes live, you will get a refund of your investment. If you purchased a SquareSpace Bundle, you must notify me before the 14 day trial period to receive a refund. For a WordPress Bundle, you must notify me before the site goes live on your domain.

Once your site is live on SquareSpace or the WordPress platform, I can’t give you your money back, as that means, the bundle you purchased has been delivered.

How long will it take to get my site with one of the Bundle options?

Your basic site will be completed in 2 weeks or less.

The intermediate and VIP bundles may take longer due to the additional size of the site.

The client is responsible for purchasing the domain, hosting, theme and images. The client is also responsible for providing all details, content, copy and images ahead of time. Some restrictions may apply depending on the chosen theme options.

Solo-preneurial Independence is not just a dream!

Branding YOU™ is my elegant holistic website solutions for the solopreneur. 

Through my love for technology and all things designed, I developed a process that helps any solo-preneur to achieve the website of their dreams without the need to ‘learn’ and ‘do-it-all-yourself’. I will empower you do do as little or as much on your site yourself, from just holding your hand occasionally to complete VIP done-for-you treatment.

This process will lead you through a series of steps to find your unique style – we will explore color combinations as well as fonts choices for your site. Don’t be afraid! I made this EASY! It’s like a magic ‘EASY’ button – you will effortless glide into your happy space and there, we will find your personal brand, your unique solo-preneurial style. And then it’s just an easy translation into step by step action items to implement your uniqueness into your site. DONE!

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