So you want to start blogging – but don’t know where to start

So you want to start blogging – but don’t know where to start



Just because you want to start blogging doesn’t mean you know how to write – so let’s fix that!

A lot of my website clients ask to have a page for their blog setup when we first design their site – however, just because there is a page available for your blog, that does not mean that I will write blog posts for them. And that’s where the difficulties begin. They hear about everyone is blogging, you need to blog to provide content to get traffic, sen, yada yada yah. But when it comes to content to put on their blog, it’s usually crickets. Most start off with, oh yeah, sure, I can write, but the reality is, it is not that easy to come up with content to discuss day in day out.

Most of us are not professional writers, and even though we may be passionate about our business or service, we don’t necessarily know how to put all that into word – even worth, word other people may read =O and hopefully understand what we are talking about.

That can become a hurdle to many of us, and yet we WANT to blog.

I have various resources for my clients available to generate the quality content needed for each page (see some resources here) – except for a blog page. Why? Because a blog is a page that in general terms describes what you do in your business, explains why you have a passion for this or that, and overall talks about your expertise in your field. So if I were to write your blog, it would be all about marketing and web design. And I’m sure, that’s not your niche, else you would not need my services =D

So, your blog needs to be written by you.

Ok, ok, you could hire a professional writer/blogger who writes posts that are pertaining to your niche. So if you have a great start-up fund, go forth and hire writers – and you probably can stop reading this post now, ‘cause this is not for you.

But if you are still reading this, hiring someone at this point is not an option.

So how do YOU get started to become a proficient blogger? You practice!

This can be an actual paper journal and pen, or you can journal digitally – whatever seems more accessible to you. But you should – at least after a while – try to do your journaling digitally. It will prepare you for blogging! Unless you rather write your blog posts on paper and then type it into a digital format. There is NO WRONG WAY to go about it!

As with all things in life, the things you practice become easier and easier after a while.

Start small – start with a daily (or at least once in a while, at least once a week) journaling. Just for you – nobody else needs to see it – EVER! And if you are not used to ‘putting your thoughts onto paper’ yet, as that is a skill in itself, start slow! Just sit down (I like the evening, before settling into bed) and write down the things you did that day. This may look like this:

woke up

went to the bathroom

brushed my teeth

got dressed

made coffee

dropped child off to school …

and so on


That may, with practice develop into something like this:

Woke up at 5 am – again, way too early for my taste, I still felt tired, but could not get back to sleep. My mind was racing, planning out my day, worrying about the upcoming meeting with x and wondering what I should make for dinner. Why do I need to worry about dinner at 5 am? Crazy how my mind skips around like that.

Finally at 6:45 my alarm went off – just as I was finally about to fall asleep again – ugh. Now I’m really tired, but I made myself get up anyhow. Went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth – I really need a new toothbrush – this one looks a little worn now – could pick one up when I go to the store to buy dinner items – even though I still don’t know what to cook tonight. Oh well, I guess I’ll see what looks good once I get to the store.

On to getting dressed – hm, not so windy today, but still, temperatures in the 80’s, leggings and a shirt will work just fine and I need something comfortable today.

Checking on the child to be sure she’s awake and getting ready – the teenager is driving me crazy with her messiness. It’s constant – can you pick that up, can you put that away …

Hm, I can practically smell the coffee – so let’s get on with making myself one. I aspire to bring just green tea or lemon water in the morning, but then I remember the smell of coffee – and it’s oh so delicious! And I don’t mind taking my time to make it just the way I like it – espresso, hot foamed milk – mmmmmmm, delightful!

Ah, there’s the teenager, and she’s ready for her day – awesome – we are on time! She’s getting her morning routine down better now, not so much prodding and coaxing anymore – the horrible dreadful middle school years with a constant – are you awake, are you getting up etc are finally gone. I guess there’s hope for the messiness as well then.

And off we go, the school drop-off ‘swarm’ is not too crazy yet, and we make it in fairly good time towards the front of the school. And off she goes to start her day.


Do you see the difference?

You went from just a list to an actual ‘story’ – that’s how it works.

The more you practice to write, the better your writing will get. You will become more adept at getting your thoughts on the page rather than just facts, and at the end, that is what makes for better content and a more interesting read.

If you go the digital route – try something you can access from anywhere you are – like Evernote, notepad, one note or the likes. I use a mac and it’s native app Pages can be put on the cloud drive and you have access to it from your phone, tablet or desktop. Or use your google drive. Whatever you find and use, let it be easy to access wherever you are. So that way, when you are at a dr office, a kids soccer game, or anywhere where you find yourself waiting around, you have access to your journaling and can practice. Remember, the more you practice, the easier it will get!

So start where you are – and even if that’s only a page of

‘The rose by any other name is just s rose’


‘Red Rover, Red Rover, Red Rover, Red Rover, Red Rover …..’

because you just can’t think of what to write.

It’s not about what you write, it’s about forming the habit of writing at first – no matter what the content.

The content thing will come later, once you are comfortable in your habit of writing.

Now go forth and try it for yourself!

Remember, it’s all in the practice, and eventually, you will be able to slow down your thought enough for your fingers to catch up. =D

And of course, there’s always video blogging if the writing itself doesn’t work!

Susanne Rector

Originally from Germany, Susanne has settled into the California lifestyle, living with 2 daughters in a suburb of Los Angeles. She spends her time marketing and designing for small companies and empowering solo-preneurs on their journey.

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