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Wow, a crochet Mandala!

mandala cover_short

I couldn't believe it! I love Mandalas and have been dabbling in drawing them. Here is a great resource if you are interested: Barb Owen from shows you step by step how to get started - it's a draw-along, so you can follow along right with her, a lot of fun! Anyway, when I received an email newsletter from a yarn company and...

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A New Way to Meditation – Color Your Zen


Art helps us to unblock, de-stress, and express ourselves to the fullest potential. In fact, I believe it’s safe to say that art is an expression of the soul. There are very few crafts in the world that are as universally appealing as coloring. As children we all scribbled through various coloring books (and if you were like me, the walls and floor...

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