Today I went to Yoga.
Now that in itself is not unusual, but today I ended up in the late Iyengar class – a class I love. And it’s the end of the month, so, it’s restorative!
And I’m thinking, I probably need that!
So, I strap in for the first pose (I know what you’re thinking, but it’s much more innocent than it sounds!) – Supta Baddha Konasana  – Supported Bound Butterfly pose. And as I’m laying there, trying NOT to think, the monkey mind starts. So I try to chant. Quietly. In my mind. To trick the monkey mind. And it works for a little while. Hare Om …. Hare Om …. Hare Om….
We switch it up – unbound, legs crossed, back on the bolster – and monkey mind is back! But a little slower, so I indulge it for a while, we switch the crossing – and I remember the lovely retreat I went to in the begin of the year. And of course, that’s half an eternity ago – or at least 5 month. And suddenly James Baraz’s (‘Awakening to joy’) voice is back in my head ‘ Oh, that’s thinking’ and I have to smile. And I remember that I haven’t heard that voice saying that phrase in a while.
We switch poses. Wall-Strap supported Adho Mukha Svanasana  (Downward facing dog, hanging from the wall) head supported by a bolster.
My nose smashes into the bolster. And suddenly it happens. Colors swirl. Silver – gold – platinum – turquoise – hmmmm – and I see what I want to paint next! Yes! It’s been a long time coming. And I realize, it’s coming out of ….. silence! The monkey mind had finally taken a break and the creative spark came through!
AND of course, as soon as I realize that, my old friend is back. I think about the two blogs I read today about silence and the absence of it in our daily life and then it hits me. I should blog about this! Now planning on this blog post – how to start, what to call it, I’m actually composing it in real-time – wishing I had my laptop right there – or maybe I should invest in that dictating software, that can transcribe your words … and then I start analyzing what I feel. I don’t feel anymore, I analyze.
And James’ voice is calming me ‘Oh, that’s analyzing’ – ‘Oh, that’s thinking’ – so I smile and focus on my breath. 1 … 2  … ‘Oh, that’s breathing’ … 3 …. 4 …. monkey mind: and then when I got home, talking on the phone, while eating my omega green tea truffle, while doing some freelance work on my laptop (and I did apologize to my girlfriend for talking with my mouth full and wiped my fingers before touching the keyboard – just in case you wanted to know) … 5 … oh yes, I’m a master-multitasker …. oh, where was I? Oh yes, 6 …. master-multitasker/monkey minder …. where was I, oh yeah, 7 …. 8 … hey, I actually has a pause between 7 and 8 …. 9 …..10 … hah, another pause …. and we change poses.
A chair supported forward fold. And even though I have a blanket on the chair, the edge presses into my brow and my third eye – and it’s uncomfortable. My forehead is very sensitive – I think – and I yearn for my neti pot.
Last pose – Legs up the wall – and monkey mind is in full force.
And it’s over – I missed my whole Savasana  due to master monkey mind.

But then I go home and I write this blog and even so I at first thought – hmm, I guess MMM (Master Monkey Mind) 1: Creativity 0
But really – here is the blog – and isn’t this creativity as well?
Might not be a painting … but it’s certainly an expression of myself.
So for today I revise the score to 1:1 – YES, I call this a tie – and you know what, I’m OK with that


Love and Light