Writing Blog Posts – 6 Great Ways to Start

Writing Blog Posts – 6 Great Ways to Start

writing blog posts - 6 ways to get started

If you are writing your own blog posts, you know that sometimes the hardest thing is to start.

So here are 6 great ways to start your blog post – and once you have started, the rest will practically write itself.

#1 – start with a vignette

After a parent/teacher conference, Katie, a 33-year-old mother of two, left frustrated when her daughter was labeled as ‘hyper’ and ‘unfocused’ by a 4th grade teacher. She didn’t confront the teacher that day, but the experience left her feeling confused, causing her to doubt her own parenting and question her daughter’s abilities.
While educational professionals have begun to recognize the important of avoiding labels in the classroom, some teachers are still behind the times. Rather than recognizing a child’s individual gifts, they might, even with the best of intentions, focus on the negative behavior ….

#2 – start with a bold statement

Natural Disaster. Divorce. Death of a loved one. Job loss. Career change.
There’s not one of us who has escaped major change in our lives. And whether you bring on major changes yourself or circumstances beyond your control are thirst upon you, stating over is never easy.
In fact, major life change can bring with it extreme heartache, debilitating stream and despair.
But you can do it. You have the means within yourself to recuperate and grow from any life-altering situation. Truly ….

#3 – start with a surprise or controversial statement

Believe it or not, stress may not be the villain it’s made out to be. In small, short-term doses, stress can give an athlete the competitive edge or a public speaker the enthusiasm to project optimally. It can actually boost the immune system.
But chronic stress over time – the kind commonly encountered in daily life, such as work overload, financial difficulties, marital problems – can have significant negative effects on nearly every system of the body, suppressing the immune system and ultimately manifesting as an illness ….

#4 – start with a quote

“Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.” -John F. Kennedy
We humans tend to be like pack animals – save in our hearts. We don’t like to stand out too much; at a primal level, it feels unsafe.
So we conform to generally accept standards of behavior, attitudes and beliefs within our herds and we mostly expect others to as well ….

#5 – start with a question

Do you work hard but feel like you’ve accomplish little or nothing at the end of the day?
Do your fruits of labor leave you wanting more?
Do you find yourself wondering, ‘Is this all there is in life?’
Is so, chances are you’ve been living as if you’re on an endless treadmill. Here are a few useful ways to further investigate ….

#6 – start with a reflection

Starting a family is exiting. However, no one is prepared for all the changes that come with adding children into the mix.
Your relationship is going to be tested as you figure out what ‘normal’ means now. It can seem impossible to invest attention and energy into your marriage.
However, with just a bit of effort, the two of you can become even closer …

So, pick any of these 6 starting points to tell your story. Happy Blogging!

Susanne Rector

Originally from Germany, Susanne has settled into the California lifestyle, living with 2 daughters in a suburb of Los Angeles. She spends her time marketing and designing for small companies and empowering solo-preneurs on their journey.

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