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Hello my dear solo-preneur,

so you are interested in the 5-day brand challenge. But what exactly is this you ask?

So here is a run down of what to expect and what you can get out of this challenge.

I created this FREE 5-day brand journey to help my fellow solo-preneurs to get their beautiful dream into reality, to get you started on your journey to solo-preneur business success, a guide map helping you to get your side hustle business started or get your solo-preneur business off the ground.

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Here is what you can expect when you signup for the challenge:

You will receive a Welcome email right after you sign up and verify your email address.

Then for the next 5 days you will receive one email per day (I send them out in the mornings, about 6AM PST), outlining a step in the solo-preneu branding journey. Each step will build on the previous, but don’t worry, I give you downloadable PDF guides to help you with each step, making the process as easy as possible.

5-day challenge guide books
Day 1 – we start with the core values for your solo-preneur brand

It is important to establish them early on, it will be a guiding line for the upcoming process.
The downloadable guide will lead you through the process of clarifying your core values so you have a solid foundation for your solo-preneur brand building.

Day 2 – we move on to brand words

 What words will describe your solo-preneur brand? Building on your core values and expressing this for your solo-preneur brand. The guide has a handy list of possibilities, but by no means should that prevent you from using the perfect word even if it’s not on the list!

Day 3 – let’s find visuals that match our core values and our brand words

For this we will head over to Pinterest. If you don’t have a Pinterest account yet, todays guide will lead you step-by-step through the process of setting of your free Pinterest account and how to Pin and create a board.
If you are already on Pinterest, you can jus skip to the next step, which is creating a Branding Board. Use your Brand Words and Core Values as search terms and pin any interesting images that catch your eye.


Day 4 -now that you have a vision of your brand through your brand board, let’s make some graphics

It’s time to design some branded images for your solo-preneur brand. This section used the free tool Canva to create graphics that speak in the same voice then your brand board.

Day 5 – putting al the knowledge from the past days to work and finding the ideal person to purchase what you are going to offer them in your solo-preneur business

The more detail you can put into this ‘customer avatar’ or ‘persona’ (it’s called many different names by different people, but still the same perfect person who needs what you are offering.)


And Boom! You are on your way to solo-preneur ship, ready for the next step in your journey.

Gaining this brand clarity early in your journey will help you write copy for your website, your blog, your product or your services with confidence, because you know your CORE VALUES, have your BRAND WORDS, know the look and feel of your brand via your BRAND BOARD, which also helps you create consistent GRAPHICS for your website, blog or social media channels, and finally, because you know WHO YOU ARE SPEAKING TO when you present your service or product to the world!


So, What Are You waiting for? Sign Up Now – Really, it’s Free!

Nothing to loose but a lot to Gain! Take the 5-Day Brand Challenge Now!

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